When we truly become the director of our thoughts, we can change our ways of thinking and overcome the cycles of self-sabotage that inhibit our highest self from emerging. Through this emergence we build a bridge that connects our deep spiritual self with our mental, emotional self; which changes our inner dialogue and the outcome of our lives.

It’s all about choices and what we choose to focus our energy on. The truth is that energy flows where our attention goes. Many people today choose to focus on the negativity in the world around them and wonder why their reality resembles that same chaos that they desire to be free of.

Cosmic Wizard

A Journey from Outer Rage to Inner Sage

In his award-winning book, Cosmic Wizard: A Journey from Outer Rage to Inner Sage, author Jeff Anthony overcomes self-limiting thoughts and fear-based thinking by taking the inward journey of spiritual discovery.

He first learns to admit the fact that had been an angry, broken man. He accepts his less than perfect, diseased self and surrenders to the things in his past that he cannot change. Jeff finally begins to understand that there is a deeper meaning behind the adversities and difficult changes in his life. This realization allows him to see the lessons and opportunities hiding behind the thing he had rejected the most: his life.

This new knowledge allows him to forgive the unforgivable. The more he forgives, the more he begins to love himself. And the more he loves himself, the more he's able to forgive. This loop of love and forgiveness shows him that harmony is a choice, so he decides to make a shift and chooses to love his life.

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Cosmic Wizard by Jeff Anthony

----------------------------------------------------------------------Let's Talk----------------------------------------------------------------------

Public Speaking

Jeff wins crowds over with poignant jokes, and inspires audiences by speaking his passionate truth. His challenges have become his greatest gift and he uses the lessons to share a message of self-acceptance. His eloquent delivery weaves metaphorical stories in a way that audiences can appreciate and understand.

Jeff first began sharing his story with small groups in Costa Rica, and has now found even more opportunities to speak in Oregon. He is an active member of Toastmasters International and recently spoke at the Domestic Violence Awareness seminar. Invite Jeff to speak at your next event!

Personal Consulting

Everyone needs a little help along their personal path in life – you are not alone! Through specific action steps, the Journey To Inner Sage technique will help you find your power and overcome the obstacles that have stood in your way. All the while, helping you to realize that the only enemies on your path are the ones that you’ve created through fear and self doubt.

Connect with Jeff Anthony on a personal level and share your current situation with him. His astounding insight and intuitive coaching methods have inspired real change in people's lives.

The initial session lasts 2 hours and can be conducted in person (Eugene, Oregon) or via Skype. In many cases, only one session is needed. Jeff will help you to achieve clarity and understanding about your situation, and offer practical advice to facilitate your personal transformation. Hourly follow-up sessions are also available.

About Jeff

I wrote Cosmic Wizard to use my life as an example of the possibilities that are available to everyone when we choose to take action in our lives. Through personal transformation I became the creator of my own destiny instead of being a victim to my circumstances.

My mission is to help others find their Inner Sage and end the cycle of self-loathing and personal failures through radical acceptance of what is. If we can accept the broken parts of who we are now, then we can begin anew and accept these parts of ourselves that are all essential to our grand design. By making the choice to change our inner voice, we put ourselves in control of what we feed our minds and how we nourish our souls.

I personally overcame my self-limiting thoughts and fear-based thinking by taking the inward journey of spiritual discovery. I had a lot of help from healers, shamans, teachers, and friends; and ultimately realized that the true healer of my life was me. I would love to share my experiences with you. Please contact me if you’d like to talk.

- Jeff Anthony


Friends and family have always turned to Jeff for advice and inspiration, but as they shared their experiences with others he began receiving calls from strangers asking for help and guidance. Having no official counseling degree, he was shocked at the number of people that were eager to meet with him and was grateful for the opportunity to help others. He discovered that his natural intuition and warm, inviting demeanor encouraged people to open up and confide their personal struggles. Jeff’s purpose is to help others and he openly welcomes people from all situations and backgrounds to speak with him.

A session with Jeff Anthony is like seeing yourself from the outside. I was stuck in the details of myself and not looking at the big picture of who I was or wanted to be and how to make that happen. He asks the hard questions and doesn’t let you wiggle your way out of being honest with yourself. The confirmations of things you already know, but maybe didn’t recognize is helpful as well. I recommend Jeff Anthony to my friends and will continue to do so.

Pam Andreasen

I came to speak with Jeff when I was having trouble pushing through some difficult times. My first impression of Jeff, was and still is, his ability to connect with me on a human level, not just cognitively. He is authentic and will tell you what you need to hear, but in a relatable way. Our first session was a lot of digging deep to see where I can take responsibility to begin to improve my quality of life. I left feeling relieved, hopeful, and ready to begin anew. After a month, of putting small pieces in order, I had a major shift in my attitude and my perspective. Currently, after two sessions, I am applying practical tools to help me with anxiety, stress, and a lack of self worth. I’ve noticed a change in my outlook for the day, my ability to counter negative thoughts and turn them around, and interactions with my family.

Though this work has been difficult, I am elated to have found Jeff who has assisted me in finding practical ways to use my voice, walked me through my confusing thoughts, and helped me find my sunshine again.

Thanks again, T.Y.

I’ve known Jeff for many years and every time I have chatted with him, he has always had words of wisdom and insight to pass along. I’ve taken one of his intuitive sessions and it has given me confirmation as to the path that I am walking. Not just confirmation, but also a way of looking at how my life works differently. Giving me tips and insights on how to move in a way that flows with how my mind and heart work . I truly enjoy speaking with Jeff as his wealth of knowledge is an inspiration to many. If you have not connected with him – I would highly recommend you do so as the wisdom and nuggets he will share with you may just be what you need to hear to help create a shift in your life.

Jeannine Riant

I was in a very negative funk, it had been a rough and stressful year, ending with the loss of my dad to cancer. I needed to kick myself in the butt, and I was not succeeding on my own. Synchronicity put Jeff on my path of healing. I met him once, for a session that ended up lasting almost 5 hours. His human design was so insightful, true (and truth sometimes hurt, but it is so important in personal growth), yet also very reassuring. Jeff is very safe, hilarious and serious all at once, an amazing and kind human. Whenever I feel a little lost now, I go back to what came up in our session, and I feel confident in myself again. Go Sagittarius!

Sophie Paternot

Thank you so much for your time and willingness to share yourself and Human Design with me. I am always looking to improve myself to be the best mother, wife and healer I can. Thank you for introducing me to my Human Design and for helping me to begin to process and apply it to my life. Human Design helps me deepen my love for myself and own that I am whole and exactly who and where I need to be. I realize, that who I am is a gift and I can trust that the universe works with me if I “wait for the invitation”. I’ve seen that and know it’s true. I can now see in others more so who they are and what their needs or design maybe. Simply knowing that we are divinely different in our approach to life changes my prospective in a lot of ways.

My struggles have been a drop in the bucket to yours, you are an inspiration. Thank you, again for using your knowledge to help me and for your generosity. Congratulations on your move and the impending sell of your home. Lastly, I think I’m doing ok with mirrors, loving myself will always be a work in progress. Thank you for helping with that.

Blessings to you and your family, Lana

My session with Jeff was positive and uplifting. I had no idea what to expect when I gave him my info for my Human Design session. I was pleasantly surprised when he started reading my design as it was quite accurate and described my strengths and weaknesses to a T. What I found most beneficial was that it explained why I am the way that I am. Now that I have recognized why I have certain tendencies, it has become easier to accept certain things about myself. It has also helped me to adjust some of my weaknesses into a more positive direction, giving me more balance and joy. I would highly recommend getting a session with Jeff, but only if you are willing to be open minded and allow possibilities for growth. It is a lot of information to process, but in the end, it is extremely worth it.

Dr. Carrie Chmielewicz

Speaking with you was so obviously exactly what needed to happen when it happened. I was synchronistically guided to you at a time of great decision-whether to move to Costa Rica from Colorado after a year of travel, which was weighted down by lots of should-could-would baggage. Your energy was calm but piercing and I felt as though this was not the first time we had met. You recognized some old wounds in me, many of which I dismiss as healed but proved to be tender when addressed still. Everything you said resonated with me. Many were things I already knew in my conscious mind or maybe in my unconscious mind and was being reminded of. I felt pure love and support radiate from your strong and calm presence. I have since moved to Costa Rica, bought my own copy of the Human Design book (which I am trying to find time to study) and am searching for my soul among yoga, art, and jungle. Thank you Jeff and I will see you again!

Ana McIntosh, Boulder Colorado